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Distressed Tech

We're gonna call this facility a "CheapoVet" to protect the innocent. Just to be clear, there are only a few "discount" providers in this city so you're gonna need to do a search and figure it our for yourself. This provider could be a Hacks for Less, Value Tards, Afford-O-Fake, Discount Doofus, Jiffy Vet, Joke in the Box, you get the idea............ 


....A CheapoVet Clinic in a city that sounds like Melevue WA....

Mentioned in your page somewhere is how pets are held down and gassed until they gag on the gas, hyperventilate, and pass out. That's how things were done there. I worked for them for 5 months and I can confidently say that it was the worst decision of my life, and I feel like a terrible person for ever accepting a job there, even if I did need the money! 

The doctor, one of many anyway, Dr. Crack Head, would have us (2 or more staff) lay on a big dog 40#+ while another held the mask on their face! Bunnies and cats were wrapped in a towel and gassed the same way! They were also nearly ALWAYS mistreated and mishandled. 

Sedation was a JOKE! It was called H.A.G for Ace, Glycol and Hydromorphone? Anyway, the densities of the drugs were not equal, and pets would get more of one medication than safe for them than if it had been done with proper, safe sedation. They never even shook the bottle to TRY to make it safer... not like it would do much anyway, but still! Most pets did NOT receive blood panels before the drugs were given either. The most the vet did was to make sure they didn't have a heart murmur that she caught within .25 seconds of "listening". NOT! Needless to say, the pets were NEVER safe!

On more than one occasion while I was working there, pets were sent out the door after surgery that could not even walk. Talk about sickening! None received IV's and if they did the drip rate was not checked by the veterinarian. 

Pain management was another thing that was mid-evil. Orthopedic procedures did not receive proper pain management. They were sent home with Tramadol & Rimadyl, no pain patches, no Morphine, nothing! Only basic medications that did not cover the full extent of their pain. Injections for pain were also routinely not given at that clinic, all CheapoVet Clinics in this particular group, really. 

And the equipment!! Might as well been using rocks. The "dental machine" was years old and missing multiple screws and parts. It was help together with DUCT TAPE. LITERALLY. Procedures were never canceled even though the machine was broken, the water for the scaler did not work, and the drill was unsafe for the staff to use, not to mention for pets. We were told to continue using that death trap, and the broken hand tools that no one was trained on as well. 

As for lying to clients about how their pets were treated, that happened daily! My coworkers (when I worked there) were actually compassionate to the pets and treated them as they would their own, however there were a few people who we made sure didn't last long due to how they treated the animals. We couldn't control the care the animal received, but we could keep them safe from physical abuse from employee's and make sure they were treated with love, care and compassion. 

The doctors routinely sedated pets that were too noisy or rambunctious, scared, or nervous WITHOUT the owners consent! They never gave them a chance. The pets were often manhandled by the vets AND were totally unsupervised while under sedation, which is required by LAW! Staff would have to lie to owners saying their pet did great and everything went without incident, etc. It was AWFUL! 

Sincerely, Tech XYZ

Melevue WA (East of Seattle) 

They Fake the Care, it's all about the money.

"Open 7 days a week, including Sundays" What a scam. I am a licensed Tech that used to work at this "CheapoVet". They fall WAY below the standard of care that I was taught & the public has no idea what is going on behind the scenes. Here are a few things that only an insider would know about this clinic. The vets DEMANDED that we perform all dental procedures within a maximum of 30 minutes regardless of condition of the teeth or the size of the animal. So basically the client just paid for a very basic cleaning and due to the time constraints, we had to ignore other significant dental disease. The clients thought they were getting a complete dental- nope not even close! 

Up sell, Up sell, Up sell! When you came in for the basic whatever with the low cost, we had to Up sell everything. We'd hit you up for a laundry list of services that you didn't come in for. Most of the time these were service that the pet didn't even need.  

Though they had a few pieces of equipment, they were rarely used. It was a bunch of smoke and mirrors, they kept the equipment on hand to provide the illusion of good care. Many of the anesthetic procedures were done using only injectable meds that are WAY less safe than modern gas anesthesia. I can't tell you how many times pets went home still "drunk" because they were still sedated. The pets would stumble around and could get badly injured until they finally came out of it hours later. Most of the time the only monitoring that was performed was a simple Co2 monitor, NOTHING ELSE! To me that alone is malpractice. The veterinary board needs to investigate this clinic badly!

We were mandated to cut back on the quantity of medications given to the pets as a way to save money. So though the pets were technically getting certain meds or anesthetic, they were not getting the proper amounts, not even close! Therefore, some of the pets were still awake and moving around, totally feeling what's happening to them. It's complete animal abuse! 

Lastly we were mandated to recycle syringes and needles to save money. Yep that's right recycle the needles!! They were sterilized but its still a used needle and a dull one at that. Classy. Clients should beware,the things that go on behind closed doors are not right and horrible at this place. That's why I no longer work there. 

Sincerely, Tech ABC

K*** WA (Just North of Auburn) 

Dear Cheapo Vet

This website is amazing! A lot of time and thought was put into it. I saw it posted on craigslist for job openings. Have been in the industry over 10 years and a current LVT in Washington. This put a huge smile on my face after a long day- so thank you. From the phone number to the prices....just great.


Dear Cheapo Vet


I am applying for the position you posted on Craigslist.


I have no job experience, to speak of, because I have been incarcerated for the majority of my life.

However, living in a cage for my whole life, I feel like I can understand animals more than anyone.

And, having to fight every day while in jail, I feel like I can handle the most vicious animals you have.


I truly feel I am the most qualified for this position.


Please write me back, or better yet, visit me in jail.  I really need visitors.  And I need a place to stay

when I am released.  Maybe we can work it out where I would sleep at the hospital while I was not

working.  A win-win  situation!


thank you.



I am really a licensed veterinary technician.  I have been in the veterinary field for over 20 years and work

in emergency medicine.  I thought your ad was hilarious....and I had to respond.  LOL

Love your site!!

I'm a CVT in Oregon who's looking for a new career because, well, working for a Cheapo Wage $14 isn't paying my student loans for my bachelor's degree in Zoology that everyone is always so glad I have. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this, I'm sending your link to every tech and vet I know who will appreciate it!

Well Done!!

Well done site that draws attention to the low cost clinics that cause a public perception that "normal" high quality clinics are over-charging.

DVM WA state


All the things I have been saying for years. I have a lot of this info on my website already but I fear no one heeds the advice and the pets suffer when they go to these places.

Ok for me to link to this site on my website?

Thank you


Thank You

I am all too aware of the situation that has prompted you to create this website. We have a very similar variety of veterinarians and variance in the quality of services here, and you have my understanding sympathy on this.