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"Say SUMPTN!!"

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If you are one of the discount guys and are offended by this site, well that's just the way it goes little camper. You Cheapo guys came out into the market to punch your colleagues in the face on pricing, when everyone in the industry knows that you're cutting corners and telling lies to the public. That's the only way you get lower fees.  ALL vet clinics share the same general costs structures: we pay the same for drugs & supplies, facilities costs are at market rates, (similar cost per square ft. in each city), staffing costs are relative, utilities & insurance are relative, equipment costs are the same, hmmm am I forgetting anything? 

THEREFORE......THE ONLY WAY YOU GET LOWER COST IS: By cutting corners, (doing "X" when you know damn well you were trained to do "Y"), low end or non-existent equipment, low quality poorly trained staff. IF you have good equipment & staff that aren't a bunch dumb asses it just means that you're a REAL HACK when it comes to veterinary medicine and the overall welfare of the pet because that's all that's left in the list! Your prices are low because you're limiting the scope of appropriate medical pet care!!

You've counted on the fact that the public doesn't know better. Particularly when you claim to be the "same" as any other quality vet. The implication is that all other vets that are non-Cheapo are ripping people off! You make your money based on volume, "turn em & burn em", reducing your price on the most common "shopped" items & not taking proper care of the pet and you know it! 

This site is designed to make the average pet owner aware that the CheapoVet claims are a scam and they should talk to other full service facilities and get educated on the difference between low end & quality care. 


ALL full service veterinary facilities that are out there trying to do a good job appreciate our tongue and cheek view of the differences between CheapoVet & quality, full service, appropriate pet care.







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